Useful external websites

To ensure the currency of your knowledge please feel free to follow any of these links to websites that we consider carry updated accurate information

Defibrillation registration and also Find a Defib using Service NSW


Australian Venom Research Unit – University of Melbourne for information about bites and stings

Australian Resuscitation Council     ARC to gain access to all the guidelines for first aid management

Synapse – Australia’s Brain Injury Organisation is an amazing website for anyone affected by brain injury or who is caring for someone with a brain injury. It provides excellent resources and explanations for all involved 

Asthma Australia fantastic resource for asthma management 

Safe work Australia  this site has a range of information relating to workplace safety 

Safe work Code of Practice First Aid in the Workplace this is where you would find the legal requirements of first aid kits 

Australian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy  ASCIA is a great resource for the management of allergies especially anaphylaxis 

Civil Liabilities Act NSW – can I be sued when performing first aid ?

Hazardous Chemical Information System – great resource to gain information about hazardous chemicals

First Aid Training with Professional Paramedical Trainers