About Us

Who is Vital First Aid?

Vital First Aid is a Registered Training Organisation ( RTO 90531) dedicated to providing quality realistic training in the field of pre-hospital first aid care.  

With over 25 years in the industry and 10’s of thousands of past students, you can be assured that Vital First Aid is the best choice for your training needs. 

We only use trainers who are leaders in their field and who are highly experienced themselves in emergency service – ambulance paramedics, firefighters and police officers. 

Adrian Date CEO

I joined NSW Ambulance Service in 1985 and then went on to complete the Intensive Care Paramedic course working in areas such as the Northern Beaches, St Ives, Western Sydney, and the Central Coast. I maintain work independently as a PARAMEDIC and have gained registration under Paramedicine Board of Australia as a Paramedic.

I believe ” our beginnings set our values” –  in business it is very easy to loose sight of why we started a business in the first place, for me the reason I started Vital First Aid provides me with more than enough incentive to continue to build and continue to try and make what we do the best it can be.  Our core values at Vital First Aid are built around giving people skills in first aid and CPR so that lives can be saved.  In the early 90’s I started conducting simple CPR courses for family groups in their own home, this was spurred by the fact that too often I was sent as a paramedic to incidents, especially involving babies, where there was no first-aider or poorly trained first aider on scene and no first aid given prior to our arrival. I knew I had to try and make a difference and get more quality first aid training out in the community. .. This grew to what is now a Registered Training Organisation delivering courses throughout Australia and the Pacific Region.

As the founder and CEO of Vital First Aid, I am extremely proud of our staff because they are all so dedicated to the role they play in ensuring that our valued clients receive the highest level of customer service and training.

I am also one of our 4 trainers who is an Approved Provider for RAMOAP training Dept of Education NSW 

Office Staff

We have several dedicated staff working in our national office in Gosford.

Carmen, our Corporate Bookings Manager has been with us for over 19 years, Jackie our Accounts Manager and Linda have been with us for many years as well as Kate and Heidi all work together to assist our clients with bookings and general administration. 

Training Staff

Vital First Aid trainers all hold Nationally Recognised training qualifications as well as industry recognised experience. Typically our First Aid trainers have an extensive background in the emergency services which gives them ( and our students ) fantastic insight into the real world of first aid. ( RTO 90531)

Adrian Date  

  • Adv  Dip Paramedical Science. 
  • Diploma of Vocational Education and Training
  • Diploma of Training Design and Development
  • Member Australian & New Zealand College of Paramedicine
  • NSW Ambulance Intensive Care Paramedic – resigned
  • Registered Paramedic AHPRA Par00002221982
  • RAMOAP educator approved Dept of Education NSW
  • Director

First Aid Training with Professional Paramedical Trainers