Frequently asked questions

As of 3rd August 2020 ALL students attending courses will be required to wear a face mask ( either fabric or surgical type ) during our courses. It is the responsibility of the student to bring their own mask – if you don’t have a mask then unfortunately you will not be permitted in the course and there will be no refund available. This decision has been made to ensure the safety of our trainers and ALL students.

  • Senior trainers at Vital First Aid as well as our compliance officer have completed the Dept of Health Infection Control Training COVID 19, to ensure everyone is safe while completing a course with us.
  • Excluding any students that appear to be unwell or who should be self isolating.
  • Rescue Breaths during CPR on the manikin are not required during COVID 19 pandemic.
  • Removed desks from the training room which has reduced hard surfaces that students could have come in contact with
  • Using IOS Iphone app for defibrillator training – every student with an Iphone can have their own defibrillator trainer
  • All practical elements modified to enable students to demonstrate the tasks on themselves or from a distance of 1.5m from another student
  • classes limited in numbers to comply with the 4sqm per person rule
  • ample alcohol based wipes 
  • hand washing facilities

If you are unwell with any type of “cold or flu” we would request out of respect to everyone in the class that you do not attend, it would be better that you ring the office and re-book the course attendance.

Anyone who has travelled overseas in the last 14 days, and/or anyone self-isolating or who has been in close contact with a person who is suspected or confirmed as having COVID-19, must not attend a course with us as per the current Health Dept guidelines. 

Vital First Aid has more than 20 years of experience in the industry and uses trainers with an extensive paramedical background. First Aid courses are written and designed by Intensive Care Paramedics giving them true to life content.

Absolutely. Being an RTO gives you the confidence that our courses are genuine, our policies are fair, and you will be dealing with a reputable organisation.

Yes, we have many clients across Australia and Asia Pacific who we have conducted on-site courses for. Just ask, we will be able to assist you.

We understand that “stuff” happens which can make you late to a course. Prior to the actual course commencing there is some essential legislated content that we must go thru with you. As such, late students will unfortunately normally be turned away. We totally understand that this would be very frustrating but please don’t blame the trainer – our accrediting body ASQA is very strict about ensuring students are fully aware of all of the legislated aspects of the course before they begin. So that you are not stressed please try and arrive at least 15 minutes early and leave extra time on wet days.  

If you are turned away or realise that you will be late just call our office ( weekdays after 930am ) and re-book. 

We send e-certificates with various forms of security built in to ensure that they cannot be fraudulently changed. If you need a copy, simply log into the student portal on our website and download a copy. This is NO CHARGE FOR THIS.

If you need proof of successful completion on the day of the course just ask the trainer. They can provide you with a form that is like an interim certificate.

No ! We’ve been running public courses for over 20 years and proud to say that we have never cancelled a course due to low numbers. We feel that’s its better to run a course even for just one person, than to cancel that course and have an unhappy customer.

Yes, but it seems that nearly all first aid training companies claim that they conduct training for companies like McDonalds, ACCOR Hotel group, NSW Police etc etc. We have, and continue to conduct first aid training for many large national and international organisations but we feel that the fact that we have been around for such a long time means more than naming a few high profile companies.

We can do this – just let the office know when you book into a course or the trainer during the course. We don’t charge for this however, unlike many other companies.

First Aid training is GST free unless it is being paid by a 3rd party e.g your employer.

Things come up and we understand that., as long as you give us at least 3 business days notice you can reschedule your course at no charge.

Firstly ” fail ” is not a word we use in modern adult education. Our trainers are extremely experienced and will work with you until we are satisfied that you are satisfactory in all aspects of the course.

Not really. There are a few things that you need to do and some things that you should do. We can help you out with this.
Your CPR should be refreshed every 12 months – we will send you out a reminder via email.

Your Provide First Aid should be refreshed every 3 years, again, we will send email reminders for you.

You should at least review CPR and how to apply slings regularly – our YouTube channel has great videos to help you do this.

We also feel that we should assist you in all things first aid even after you have completed a course – if you have any questions or concerns in relation to the application of first aid please call us.
What about first aid kits? What do I need?
We can certainly assist with this area, just call our office.

The owner of Vital First Aid, Adrian, has been working with defibs for more than 30 years. He was involved with the roll-out of the HeartsStart 3000 ( the defibs donated by Kerry Packer in the late 80’s ) and still actively promotes the need for defibrillators in Australia.

Our focus in Vital First Aid is training, not sales, this simply means that we can give expert advice on defibs not based on “profits” but based on genuine knowledge and understanding of what’s best for you.

To be honest, they are cheaper. Typically though, the people that attend the very cheap courses only go once……We try and keep our prices as low as we can whilst ensuring our standards are as high as possible. This is why a huge number of our clients are returning customers, in fact nearly 60% of attendees in courses have done one of our courses in the past.

First Aid Training with Professional Paramedical Trainers



As of 3rd August 2020 ALL students attending courses will STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to wear a face mask ( either fabric or surgical type ) during our courses. It is the responsibility of the student to bring their own mask . This decision has been made to ensure the safety of our trainers and ALL students. 

The venues we use especially in Sydney region are clubs, as such they have the right to set their own restrictions around who can and cannot enter the facility. These restriction are totally out of our control and not always in line with Health Guidelines. We recommend you contact the venue you are booked to attend the day before the course and check that you are not restricted based on your individual situation. We can transfer your registration free of charge (if due to COVID venue restriction)  only if we are notified the day before a course. Normal cancellation policies will apply if we are not contacted prior to the event.

We are taking all required steps to ensure everyone’s safety including ensuring 4sqm per person, removing tables, no breathes required when doing CPR, ample cleansing wipes, refusal of attendance for any participants presenting with flu or cold symptoms or those that should be self isolating. 

Our standing request for unwell students : If you are unwell with any type of “cold or flu” we will NOT ALLOW YOU TO ENTER THE COURSE. Covid 19 update

Travelling to a course is permitted in NSW under the new guidelines (educational reasons)