Corporate First Aid Courses

First Aid Training Courses For Corporations Throughout Central Coast, Sydney and Newcastle

Boost the health and safety of your workplace by having your staff trained together in first aid. It is a tremendous team-building exercise and instills confidence within your entire organisation.

Along with providing first aid training to corporate educators or entire staff bodies, we also tailor the course to suit the needs of those learning. For example, when teaching school teachers our educators will focus on providing first aid for children.

Vital First Aid Training Services has 20 years of experience in providing First Aid and CPR training sessions for businesses, leadership teams, and entire corporations. We provide these training sessions for large and small groups, and are capable of training your entire staff body, or can pass on our knowledge to your corporate educators to then teach the rest of the company.

Whatever your corporate needs are, Vital First Aid will work with you to ensure your staff are educated and certified in providing first aid.

It’s never been more important to have a fully trained team of first aid responders in your workplace.

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Traveling thru Sydney during this lockdown for first aid training is not recommended – there are better and safer options.  

Unfortunately ALL our Sydney venues are closed due to the COVID Lockdown till the end of July. We feel that the risk of moving thru Sydney unnecessarily is simply too great for our trainers and students.

You can complete our online option for CPR and First Aid at home and avoid traveling during this Lock-down. 



Do not attend any courses if you are required to be Self-Isolating as per NSW Dept of Health or have any cold / flu symptoms

As COVID 19 has rapidly changing effects on our community, please refer to NSW Health for the most up to date and accurate information Covid 19 update

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