Learner Portal FAQ

A “smart device” such as a smartphone, Ipad or laptop, fully charged with internet access is required. A tablet is the ideal sized device for this purpose, however, a smartphone is still fine to use. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure they have such a device and have gained prior access to their Learner Portal. The device must also have access to the internet – some venues have wifi available but this cannot be guaranteed.  Information on accessing their portal is available on their Confirmation email or by contacting our office. 

QR Code for the Learner Portal. We suggest you use the camera on your phone – not a QR code scanner

We suggest that if you have difficulties creating a Vital Global Account with your Samsung phone – rather than using your email address try using your mobile phone number “continue with mobile“. Remember with your mobile number it needs to commence with +61 and remove the “0” at the beginning of the number

If you prefer to use your email address as the authentication method, you will need to ensure the link in the email is opened within a browser rather than the email app. You can do this following these steps

1. Open your emails and then open the New Login email
2. Click on the button to open the Vital Global Account 
3. Click the ‘hamburger’ icon in the top-right of the screen
4. Select ‘Open in Chrome’ (Or another browser if there is one)
5. Go through the registration process selecting “continue with email
6. When needing the verification code, reopen the email app and obtain the code
7. Go back to the web browser and enter the code

A Global Account is your method to access the Learner Portal where all assessments are completed and also where you can download past certificates etc. 

We are now using a very secure authentication method to log into the Learner Portal. The system uses either your email / mobile number or  GoogleFaceBookApple ID for authentication

If you are normally logged in to a device with either Google FaceBook or an Apple ID we recommend you use one of these methods to create your Global Account. It’s just much easier and quicker. 

Once you have selected a login method, that method must always be the only one that is used

When you are directed to create a Global Account you simply need to follow the directions given.

It will ask you to choose the method of authentication that you then will always use to log into your Learner Portal

You can use:

  • Google – use this if you are normally logged into Google on your device
  • FaceBook – if you have a FaceBook profile on your device you can select this method
  • Apple ID – if you are using a Mac or iPhone this is probably the easiest method to select for your Learner Portal log in
  • email – this is also an option to use to log into the Learner Portal. It will however require you to enter a password every time you need to log into the Learner Portal
  • mobile number

Remember that the method you choose to log in initially must always be used in the future. Trying any other method will not work unless we reset your profile.


  • Check that you have spelt your name exactly as it was spelt when you created your USI.
  • Ensure that you have provided us with your Date of Birth in your My Profile Settings. 
  • to be able to issue a Nationally Recognised certification we need your USI and your Date of Birth. These can be added in your My Profile Settings

We suggest that you use Google Chrome and ensure it is updated to the latest version.

To do this:

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Play Store app .
  2. At the top left, tap Menu   My apps & games.
  3. Under “Updates,” find Chrome .
  4. Next to Chrome, tap Update.


Have you created your Learner Portal?

  • No – please follow the link found in the New User email to create your Learner Portal. If you don’t have this email then please contact us so we can resend it.
  • Yes – I’ve created it but now I can’t remember what method I used or my password.  The Booking Reminder emails describe what method you used to create the Learner Portal 

Im still having trouble:

  1.  Access the Learner Portal login screen – link top right of this webpage
  2. Mobile number log-in method used.. Click on the “Send me a code to sign in with” and enter your mobile number – remember to use +61 instead of the O. The system will send you a code that you enter which will allow access to your Learner Portal
  3. Email address login method used ..  Click on the “Send me a code to sign in with” and enter your email address. The system will send you a code that you enter which will allow access to your Learner Portal
  4. Google APPLE or FACEBOOK method – you will need to enter the email address you originally used with us to sign up for training. The system will send you a code that you enter which will allow access to your Learner Portal


As with our main site, your privacy is important to us while you are accessing the Learner Portal. This Learner Portal is controlled by one of Australia’s largest RTO Student Management systems call aXcelerate. You can follow this link to their Privacy Policy 

Our Learner Portal has the Vital First Aid logo in the top left of the screen.

First Aid Training with Professional Paramedical Trainers


Do not attend any courses if you are required to be Self-Isolating as per NSW Dept of Health or have any cold / flu symptoms

As COVID 19 has rapidly changing effects on our community, please refer to NSW Health for the most up to date and accurate information

Health.nsw.gov.au Covid 19 update

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