First Attack Fire Fighting Training

Virtual Reality First Attack
Fire Training

Learn how to safely use fire extinguishers without the potential for burns, significant environmental impacts due to smoke, or cancellations due to adverse weather conditions.

Most training organisations use REAL FIRE when conducting fire extinguisher training, this might be fun BUT it’s just not safe or environmentally friendly, and typically can’t run if it’s raining, windy, hot, a high fire danger, limited outdoor space etc.

Virtual Reality allows for a safe and a more realistic method of achieving excellent results and retention of knowledge and skills

Learn which extinguisher to use on what fires, how to fight a fire and when and how to evacuate, and to alert emergency services

Courses are available throughout Sydney, Newcastle and the Central Coast.

People Learn through Experience – but let’s get that experience safely

We use the leader of headset Virtual Reality OCULUS 2 to ensure students are fully immersed in their training. This ensures your staff have the skills to deal with a real fire.

Fire Fighting Training Headset

Virtual Reality Fire Fighting Training Video Demonstration


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