What First Aid Kit do I need for my Workplace?

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In 2012 SafeWork Australia developed a new Code of Practice First Aid in the Workplace. This code replaced the document used in the past by WorkCover NSW.

This new code outlines the contents of one kit only as opposed to the previous 3 sizes of kits A, B & C. This has simplified the kits required within workplaces.

To download a copy of this code please click on this link Code of Practice First Aid in the Workplace

If you require any assistance with your requirements please do not hesitate to contact our office

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Traveling thru Sydney during this lockdown for first aid training is not recommended – there are better and safer options.  

Unfortunately ALL our Sydney venues are closed due to the COVID Lockdown till the end of July. We feel that the risk of moving thru Sydney unnecessarily is simply too great for our trainers and students.

You can complete our online option for CPR and First Aid at home and avoid traveling during this Lock-down. 



Do not attend any courses if you are required to be Self-Isolating as per NSW Dept of Health or have any cold / flu symptoms

As COVID 19 has rapidly changing effects on our community, please refer to NSW Health for the most up to date and accurate information

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