Virtual Reality Fire Training

Virtual Reality Fire Training Headset

Knowing how to safely use a fire extinguisher to deal with a fire in its early stages can save lives and limit damage to property.

So naturally, the more people who are armed with this knowledge and skill set, the better. 

That’s why Vital First Aid offers Vital Virtual Reality Fire Training – so we can help more people to save more lives and devastation.

What is Vital Virtual Reality Fire Training?

With the use of the leading Virtual Reality headset, OCULUS 2, students can get fully immersed in the training and learn how to respond to different scenarios via the interactive exercises.

Virtual Reality provides real life situations in a safe environment without the potential for burns, significant environmental impacts due to smoke or cancellations due to adverse weather conditions.

Since this training requires practical application, teaching theory only is not enough. People learn through experience, and they need to build up the muscle memory of how to use the equipment so if and when a situation arises they are able to take immediate action.

What you learn in Virtual Reality Fire Training

Through a combination of the practical Virtual Reality exercises and theory, students will safely learn:

Which extinguisher to use on what fire

In Australia there are six main classes of fire extinguishers that are used for different types of fires, so it’s essential you have the right fire extinguisher(s) on your premises and you know which one to use for each type of fire.

How to fight a fire

Once you’ve selected the appropriate fire extinguisher, you need to ensure you can deploy it as quickly and efficiently as possible. This component also teaches you how to ensure your own safety while fighting a fire, and how to know when the fire is under control or when to get out.

When and how to evacuate and alert emergency services

Once you are satisfied that you can manage the situation safely, it’s critical to understand how to guide others to safety and how to get appropriate assistance from the emergency services, if indeed that is required.

Or, if you deem the situation to be too dangerous or the fire too established to successfully use a fire extinguisher, you must understand how to act quickly to minimise the danger and potential damage.

How is Vital Virtual Reality Fire Training Facilitated?

Thanks to the convenience and portability of the Virtual Reality headsets, this training can be conducted anywhere to anyone.

To make it easy and accessible for your entire staff, one of our fire safety specialists can deliver the training onsite. This also helps to further enhance the experiential learning and engagement of the team, as they will be acquiring the knowledge and skills in the location they are most likely to apply them, and in a familiar environment they are comfortable in.

To find out more about our Vital Virtual Reality Fire Training and ask further questions, please get in touch and chat with one of our experts.

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