USI – Unique Student Identifier

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Yep it’s a pain but it’s easy and free to gain this number and will provide access to your training records well into the future. All Nationally Recognised training from the 1st January 2015 will require the participant to provide their USI number to the training organisation. This information will then create a database that enables the participant to view, on one site, all of their accredited training and obtain transcripts of this training. You will only need to get this number once.

  • Students will be able to get a complete record of their Australian-wide VET achievements from a single, secure and accurate online source.
  • There will be immediate access to your training records which can then be easily given to employers or other training organisations etc as proof of VET ( Vocational Education and Training ) achievements.

To get this USI number all you need to do is visit and have some form of approved identification such as a drivers licence number or Medicare card. It should only take a few minutes to create this personal lifetime number.

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