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Paramedics are now accepted as first aiders – seems silly but under the Code of Practice First Aid in the Workplace 2016, which is a legal document controlling first aid policies in the workplace, a first aid must have completed a Provide First Aid course. NSW Paramedics don’t complete such a course, they START their training at a much higher level. This simply meant that they could not work legally as a first-aider in a workplace. Vital First Aid has been able to change this for paramedics in NSW by gaining a ruling on acceptance of paramedics.

SafeWork NSW accepts that operational paramedics hold first aid qualifications and skills that would equal – or exceed – the nationally endorsed first aid unit of competency, namely “Provide first aid”.

As advised, it is important the  PCBU understands that, and ensures that, systems are in place for the paramedic to regularly provide evidence of current employment as a paramedic, as well as records of any relevant  training undertaken.

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