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There’s no doubt about it, online training or e-learning is on the rise with no sign of slowing up.

This is perhaps one positive thing we can take from COVID-19 – it forced us to facilitate so many of our daily operations online, as it was the only way to keep going, and it showed us how easily and effectively we can learn remotely.

The online learning trend is opening up so many possibilities for people, who previously had to miss out on opportunities to grow and develop due to limitations such as lack of time, resources and accessibility. And now it’s opening up those possibilities in the first aid field.

Top 3 Benefits of a blended first aid training online program

While you’re still required to do a face to face component for our HLTAID011 Provide First Aid course, you’re now able to complete the rest of the course in your own time online. Here at Vital First Aid we call these blended courses. We’ve designed them to leverage all the benefits mentioned below, while ensuring you have all the support you need to complete the course quickly and efficiently.

1. Convenience

The online component of our blended courses can be accessed anytime, anywhere. All you need is an internet connection and a device. This is particularly exciting for those living in remote areas – whereas before your choices were limited, you can now access the courses from the comfort of your own home.

Having said that, this of course also applies to the entire population. Parents can learn without having to leave the house, people can still upskill and develop under COVID-19 restrictions, and those who love to travel (when they can!) are able to log on from any location – even the beach!  

2. Flexibility

Whatever your schedule, you can work your online learning around it – shifts, family commitments, long working hours. You can set your own pace and learn at times that suit you – after the kids have gone to bed, on your lunch break, or even while you travel on public transport.

Our online courses grant you 24/7 access to the content and modules, so you can more easily balance your work and study, as well as learn more efficiently because you can do it when you’re able to focus better and get more done.

3. Confidence

As mentioned above, a face to face component is still required because it’s critical to ensure you can administer certain skills correctly (the most important being CPR). While we want to make the course more accessible and convenient, we won’t compromise on the overall life-saving skills that need to be held by first raiders.

By having the opportunity to take your time with the online component to ensure you fully understand all of the content, and then put it into practice with an accredited trainer who can give you instant feedback, you will complete the course feeling confident that you can respond appropriately should an incident occur.

Find out more about our blended online courses here, or if you have questions please get in touch and chat with one of our experts.

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