Defibrillation and CPR feedback

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Several out-of-hospital-cardiac-arrest studies show a significant percentage of people are not in a shockable rhythm. Other studies indicate CPR performed by trained and lay rescuers may be sometimes ineffective. How do we ensure the best possible treatment for both those cases? The HeartSine® samaritan PAD 500P with integrated CPR Advisor™ is quick to shock and is the ONLY AED on the market that provides real-time CPR feedback on Rate & Force without the need for any special sensor or puck. Watch this video to see how we get rescuers to “Push Faster” , “Push Harder” and “Good Compressions”. Heartsine’s Advanced CPR Advisor™ Technology HeartSine® CPR Advisor™ for the HeartSine samaritan PAD automated external defibrillator (AED) is a revolutionary technology that provides real-time visible and audible feedback to a rescuer on the depth and rate of CPR compressions

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