HLTAID006 Provide Advanced First Aid

Provide Advanced First Aid

This course provides individuals with the skills and knowledge required to recognise and respond to life threatening emergencies using basic life support measures as well as gaining additional skills in advanced techniques, injury / illness management and additional resources over and above the skills generally required by Provide First Aiders

This is an extremely scenario based unit comprising of over 10 industry validated scenarios aimed at ensuring students have the skills to cope in an emergency situation. 

Our Paramedical trainers will provide you with the best training available

Course covers:

  • anaphylaxis
  • asthma
  • CPR techniques on adults, children and infants
  • incident reporting 
  • how to properly assess an emergency situation
  • using an Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
  • first aid procedures for bleeding, burns and fractures
  • managing medical conditions such as epilepsy and asthma
  • managing medical emergencies such as snake/spider bites, poisons and choking
  • infection control procedures
  • managing exposure to extreme temperatures
  • administering  first aid for eye & soft tissue injuries
  • assessing and moving sick & injured
  • legal responsibilities of a first aider
  • basic anatomy
  • managing shock
  • more advanced spinal care
  • basics of emergency child birth
  • bag valve mask resuscitation
  • and much, much more!

How do I enrol ??

Please contact our office if you wish to complete this unit

Target Audience

All individuals both private and thru business are our target market. The target market for this unit will be those requiring a higher level of understanding of first aid and ability to implement that higher level 

Course Requirements

Only basic numeracy and literacy skills are needed to attend this course. Access to a computer with internet capability is required to complete the online learning module – as is also basic computer skills eg ability to open files, web browsers etc. using ideally the latest version of CHROME as your web browser. 

If you have ANY special needs ( eg, language / literacy / numeracy difficulties, physical disabilities etc ) that you think may impact on your ability to complete this training please let us know prior to enrolling. 

To attempt this course students must have completed a first aid course in the past

Award Issued

Nationally Recognised unit/s of Competence 

HLTAID006 Provide Advanced First Aid

Recertification requirements

CPR refresher is recommended annually and Provide Advanced First Aid at least every 3 years

Course Duration

Face to face training is 2 days plus required pre-course learning including viewing of on-line videos and first aid book

Pre-course study

There will be a short quiz at the beginning of the course on the information contained in the videos, this is to enable the trainer to better guide the content of the course for you.

There is a pre-course on-line learning module that must be successfully completed prior to attending this course. ( ipads and smart phones may experience some issues when completing the on-line work ).  

HAVING PROBLEMS with completion of the online work ? The most common problem that we find students have from an IT point of view with the on-line learning packages is “browser” related. We recommend you use “chrome” as your browser and we highly recommend that you clear the cache before commencing. This requires you to go to the top right of your browser ( 3 little dots ) and select “more tools” and then “clear browsing data” selecting all 3 options ( Browsing history, cookies and cached images). If you have any further issues please contact us directly.

Assessment requirements

There is some theory and practical assessment to ensure that the participant has gained the required knowledge and confidence in the skills covered in the unit. You will be required, as per the Training Package, to complete 2 mins of CPR on a CPR manikin. Participants will also be required to demonstrate various practical skills including application of slings etc. A high level of competence is expected in all aspects of this unit in order to successfully complete the unit​

HLTAID006 Provide Advanced First Aid

Award Issued

Nationally Recognised unit/s of Competence 

HLTAID006 Provide Advanced First Aid

Course Duration

Face to face training is 2 days plus required pre-course learning including viewing of on-line videos and first aid book

Full Unit Documents

Follow this link to for full details on this unit

Registered Training Organisation 90531

First Aid Training with Professional Paramedical Trainers


The venues we use especially in the Sydney region are clubs, as such, they have the right to set their own restrictions around who can and cannot enter the facility. These restrictions are totally out of our control and not always in line with Health Guidelines. We recommend you contact the venue you are booked to attend the day before the course and check that you are not restricted based on your individual situation. We can transfer your registration free of charge (if due to COVID venue restriction)  only if we are notified the day before a course. Normal cancellation policies will apply if we are not contacted prior to the event.

We are taking all required steps to ensure everyone’s safety including removing tables, no breaths required when doing CPR, ample cleansing wipes, refusal of attendance for any participants presenting with flu or cold symptoms, or those that should be self-isolating. 

Our standing request for unwell students: If you are unwell with any type of “cold or flu” we will NOT ALLOW YOU TO ENTER THE COURSE.

Face masks are not mandatory but we recognize you may choose to wear a mask when visiting our venues

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